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About Pro Alpha

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make the world healthier by revolutionizing the way people take care of their bodies. 

We believe in a healthier population that sees a decrease in disease and increase in personal health and happiness.

Our bodies are created to thrive, without fatigue and sickness. But the chemical additives, GMOs and artificial ingredients found in most foods and traditional “health” supplements work against our bodily systems, leaving us sick, tired and overweight.

Regaining your health and vitality is easy with our nutrient-dense, easy-to-use supplements. Simply adding therapeutic doses of high-quality nutrition into you’re your diet improves recovery time, alleviates pain, speeds up weight loss and improves overall health.

Our ingredients are pure, natural and ALWAYS free of gluten, GMOs, pesticides, artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy, MSG, preservatives and shellfish. We use minimal to no fillers so you can be confident that you’re getting your money’s worth with every purchase.


Revolutionize your health.

Our Founders

Jonathan Wiggins, DC and Kirk Johnson, DC believe we all have the potential to create personal health and happiness at any age. That’s why they’re dedicated to creating health and wellness through functional medicine.

Jonathan Wiggins and Kirk Johnson are practicing chiropractors specialized in nutrition and acupuncture. For the past ten years, they’ve successfully treated thousands of patients by tackling the root causes of sickness and disease.

The many success stories from their patients plus their extensive knowledge in nutritional supplementation inspired them to create Pro Alpha Greens. For years, they prescribed patients the best greens formula they could find. Unfortunately, it was missing a few key ingredients and their patients hated the taste. They believed they could formulate a better product and the result was a success. The creation of Pro Alpha Greens snowballed into an entire line of products all formulated to increase overall vitality. Oh, and they taste awesome!  

Proudly serving you from the great state of Kansas


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