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Pro Alpha Greens

Get Healthy

Healthy is good, let’s get that in your mind first. When your body is healthy, energy levels rise, cravings decrease, happiness increases and clarity is experienced. The first step to getting healthy is nourishing your body on a cellular level. Cellular nourishment occurs when you ingest nutrient dense foods in bioavailable form (liquid form). You can do that in about ten seconds, give or take.

Mix one scoop of Pro Alpha Greens with 8 to 12oz. of water in a blender bottle and drink it. One serving of Greens supplies your body with 20 servings of fruits and vegetables, 50 different superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Seriously, ten seconds and have a daily detox that’ll rock your cells so hard, your body will be forced to function better. Pro Alpha Greens is freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juice, dehydrated down into powder form, packaged in a convenient bottle. Fruits and vegetables- what’s it going to hurt? Get some; your health depends on it!