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4 Tips To Heal Leaky Gut Fast From Chiropractor And Functional Medicine Expert Kirk Johnson

May 31, 2017

4 Tips To Heal Leaky Gut Fast From Chiropractor And Functional Medicine Expert Kirk Johnson

We’re human and we’re designed to eat. So when leaky gut gets in the way of that, it sucks. If you’ve experienced the frustration, sadness and physical symptoms that go along with this diagnosis, it’s easy to lose hope. But there’s good news- it’s curable. Pro Alpha Nutrition founders, Kirk Johnson D.C. and Jonathan Wiggins D.C. have helped thousands of patients recover from leaky gut with the same 4 steps we’re about to give you. Just remember, things will get better.

  1. Remove the Irritants – Sugar, grains (wheat, especially), vegetable oils, dairy and artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors are hard for the body to digest. Cutting these foods out of your diet will jump-start your body’s healing process and get you on the road to a healthy gut in no time.
  2. Replace With Healing Foods – Vegetables, fruits, organic meats, nuts and seeds are the least inflammatory foods, so chow down! When your diet contains a lot of healing foods your body quickly combats the uncomfortable symptoms of leaky gut.  
  3. Repair With Supplements – Take a digestive enzyme with every meal. This helps your body break down and absorb the nutrients from your food (nutrients from food are the body’s medicine.) A good digestive enzyme supplement has a blend of 360mg of enzymes per one capsule.

    Take 100 billion CFUs of probiotics everyday. There’s a battle going on between the bad and good bacteria in your gut; when you take probiotics it builds up the good bacteria and kills off the bad. Make sure the probiotic blend you choose includes saccharomyces boulardii. This bacterium specifically, helps kill foreign pathogens in the GI tract.

    Take chlorophyll. It rebuilds the intestinal wall. It’s found in almost all sea and dark green vegetables.

  4. Create Gut-Healthy Habits. Commit to daily movement. Simple movement and increased heart rates aids in digestion. Find something active you enjoy doing and make it a daily habit!

    Drink more water. Water helps to lubricate the digestive system and pass food through the stomach, so it’s important to drink a minimum of 2 liters a day.

    De-stress. Your digestion not only digests your food, it digests your life. The more your gut has to digest the stress (and the hormones that are released due to these feelings), the harder it has to work to digest food. Deep breathing is a great practice to help ease stress levels. Before meals or whenever you think about it, take three deep breaths and focus on something positive. AND don’t forget to have fun! Make time to do the things that bring you joy.

Functional Medicine Chiropractor and nutritional expert, Kirk Johnson says that certain whole food supplements can provide an alternative to traditional therapies when alleviating the symptoms of leaky gut. Kirk and Jonathan Wiggins founded Pro Alpha Nutrition to create a healthier population that sees a decrease in disease and increase in overall health and happiness. They have a goal of improving alternatives to many of the unsafe supplements on the market, and their original product, Pro Alpha Greens is particularly effective for those suffering from leaky gut.

Who doesn’t want more energy and a healthy gut?

“We believe we can decrease the uncomfortable effects of leaky gut and make people well at the same time with the Pro Alpha Greens” said co-founder Jonathan Wiggins. The supplements are available through their online store

The products are not just for people who suffer from leaky gut. “Pro Alpha Greens are safe and effective for anyone who doesn’t get enough nutrients in their diet, wants more energy and a stronger immune system” says functional medicine doctor Kirk Johnson. “We’re the only Greens product on the market with 50 superfoods, probiotics and digestive enzymes, each at therapeutic doses. The consumer actually feels the benefits when they take it.”

Angela Isaacs suffered from the symptoms of leaky gut for four years. She'd seen multiple doctors and the medication they prescribed only made things worse. She'd lost hope in finding a solution, until she started taking Pro Alpha Greens

Leaky gut had greatly compromised Angela's quality of life. Simply eating food was a major stressor and she lacked the energy she needed to raise her daughters how she wanted to. After taking one full serving of Pro Alpha Greens Angela noticed a positive change, "Within the first day of taking them, I noticed a huge difference. I had a lot of energy."

"I look back now and I think, I was miserable for years. I thought that's just how it was supposed to be; you get older, you have kids, you're tired and that's just life. But it's not that way. I feel better now than I did when I was 34 and a lot of that has to do the Pro Alpha Greens.

There is a healing and detoxing component of Pro Alpha Greens that helps repair and maintain a healthy gut. The good bacteria in the probiotics restores balance so the body sends the right signals to the brain, which improves and stabilizes mood. The digestive enzymes aid in raising energy levels by passing food through the body at healthy speeds. And the nutrients from the whole foods help detox unwanted toxins from the body.

Pro Alpha Greens is an all-in-one nutritional supplement that is safe for all ages. It has helped hundreds of leaky gut sufferers take back their life and can be purchased on or Amazon.

Kirk Johnson, DC and Jonathan Wiggins, DC believe everyone has the potential to create personal health and happiness at any age. That’s why they’re dedicated to creating health and wellness through high quality supplements and functional medicine.

Kirk and Jonathan are both practicing chiropractors specialized in nutrition and acupuncture. For the past ten years, they’ve successfully helped thousands of patients by tackling the root causes of sickness and disease.

The many success stories from their patients plus their extensive knowledge in nutritional supplementation inspired them to create Pro Alpha Greens. For years, they prescribed patients the best greens formula they could find. Unfortunately, it was missing a few key ingredients and their patients hated the taste. They believed they could formulate a better product that actually tasted good and the result was a success. The creation of Pro Alpha Greens snowballed into an entire line of products all formulated to increase overall vitality. 

To learn more about Pro Alpha Nutrition, click here.