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3 Tips For A Successful Workout

May 19, 2016

3 Tips For A Successful Workout

“I just don't think that Brooke could've done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.” Well said, Elle.

Endorphins are a feel good hormone and they are the reason for post workout highs. On behalf of innocent lives and general happiness, here are three tips that will prepare your body for successful exercise:


We’ve all experienced that Monday morning fatigue after a long weekend of cheat meals and booze. Followed by the post workout crash or overly sore muscles the next day. That’s because unhealthy food is harder for your body to digest and has little nutritional value. This results in distress of the GI tract, an over expenditure of your body’s energy to breakdown the food and depleted cellular nourishment. 

When the GI tract is distressed, inflammation occurs which can spread throughout the body causing sore muscles and slow recovery.

It takes energy to digest food. We’ve all experienced that lethargic feeling after a big meal, that’s because your body is working double-time to break down the food. This process results in low energy levels, lack of motivation and bodily fatigue.

High calorie, low nutrient foods are what we like to call ‘empty calories’. You can eat way past your body’s needs but stay hungry because your cells aren’t being nourished. This leads to overeating, weight gain and low energy levels.

If you want to crush a workout, stick to a natural, easily digestible diet that will provide your body with sustainable energy.


Why do we need supplements in the first place? Working out breaks down our muscles and supplements help build those muscles back up. The right pre and post workout fuel nourishes, regenerates and reenergizes.

Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal. So where do you start? There’s so many options on the market now, how do you distinguish what is a good supplement? General rules of thumb: avoid anything that contains artificial sweeteners, artificial ingredients, gluten, dairy, soy and fillers; stick with liquids, these are the easiest to digest and absorb the quickest giving you the most benefit. Make it easy on yourself and stick with these.


“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” –Henry Ford. A good diet and supplementation can’t do the last rep for you. You can give your body the fuel it needs to crush a workout, but you decide how far you want to take it. Power up your mind with good thoughts and let your motivation come from a positive place. Don’t workout because you hate your body, workout because you love it.

We hope these tips amp up your workouts. Share your thoughts and let us know how you prepare for the gym.